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Randolph Legal Group works with employers of all sizes and types, from small firms to nationwide enterprises. Industries served include medical practices, educational institutions, mortgage companies, restaurants, IT consulting firms, and skilled nursing companies, among others.

Having litigated cases in prominent Orange County firms for more than a decade, founder Jesse Randolph offers employers a wealth of employment law knowledge and experience. Mr. Randolph has a track record of success litigating the most complex cases. His strategies, timely interventions, and experienced legal counsel minimize costs and liability, while generating skillful and successful defenses.

Employment Advice and Counsel
At Randolph Legal Group, we believe in a proactive approach. Personnel matters not handled skillfully at the earliest stages can grow into larger and more complex problems, monopolizing the time and resources of a business. Mr. Randolph helps businesses minimize the impact of budding employment disputes, including those concerning termination, discrimination complaints, and unpaid wages, early and appropriately, before they spiral out of control.

Mr. Randolph offers responsive, thoughtful guidance on all types of employment matters and minimizes legal exposure with expertly crafted documentation, including:
• Employment agreements
• Independent contractor agreements
• Offer letters
• Termination letters
• Severance agreements
• Employee handbooks
• Advice and counsel prior to hiring or firing an employee
• Advice and counsel concerning compensation
• Drafting policies and codes of conduct
• Drafting disciplinary documents, including performance improvement plans
• Conducting discreet workplace investigations regarding discrimination, harassment, and other suspected employee misconduct

For more information on our proactive approach to employment advice and counsel or to schedule a consultation, please contact.

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